Monday, November 19, 2012

Travel Organizer, Pt. 2

I sat down on Sunday afternoon hoping to finally complete my travel organizer. 

Sliced the text block out of its covers.

Carefully measured the neoprene.

Trimmed the elastic so that it would be taut when stretched.

I really had difficulty finding the right tension with my sewing machine. The top and bottom stitches got really bunched up.

I had made the strips a little too short, and the board started to warp when I tried to attach the grid.

My second attempt is *much* better, don't you think?

Grid successfully attached to the board and working on the edging. I am using leftover French binding from a quilt I made last summer. 

My progress so far. Binding will cover the stitches and raw edges. I don't know what I should do for the other side. Should I make a pocket for a notebook like the original? A pouch for other things? Another grid?

(I used my blog for this photo essay because the inspiration is featured in an earlier post)

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